European Ecolabel

 Corte Altavilla wellness hotel restaurant

Hotel Corte Altavilla has obtained the environmental excellency brand of the European Union: the ECOLABEL.

Added value to the quality of offered service.

The European Ecolabel for tourist accomodation facilities has been created in order to encourage the accomodation structures and tourists to respect the environment.
The European Ecolabel indicates the environmental performance like an extra criterion of growing importance, when choosing a tourist destination.
The enterprises which benefit of the logo of this European brand obtain an official acknowledgement which distinguishes them as being amongst the most efficient from an environmental point of view.

An asset for your health and the environment.
The enterprises certified with the European Ecolabel take care of health and environment:

  • low emissions within premises (produced by furnitures, chemical varnishes, detergents, solvents)
  • less polluted surrounding areas
  • local food specialities obtained from biological farming

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