Corte Altavilla presents Querceta

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Corte Altavilla and Querceta Farms Ltd. join forces to provide their guests with the best possible hospitality experience.

Corte Altavilla's guests can enjoy a range of certified organic food as early as from breakfast time, as well as during a most enjoyable dinner accompanied by a selection of wines at Goffredo's, the Osteria on our terrace.

The very best of dairy products, meats and vegetables from Puglia reflect a unique philosophy, "Man is What he Eats!"

Nestled among oak woods on the Murgia hills between the towns of Putignano and Gioia del Colle,  close to the ancient fortified farmhouses,  is "Querceta".  Founded in 1980 this farm has undergone steady redevelopment, starting off as a small country cottage has now become an important key player of modern farming. 

The respect for bovine animals, to which man has always recognised an important role, and the protection of the environmental, has led to the implementation of organic farming methods.  With this in mind, the following key points govern life on Querceta's farms:

"Good care and good living conditions for livestock, conservation of the environment, responsible food production, unwavering commitment to customers, and finally, a strict pricing policy, which fully endorses fair market rules."

The style or, if you will, the philosophy adopted by "Querceta" is marked by the adoption of systems and techniques designed to "cultivate and reap" fruits, rather than "exploit and plunder" irreversibly the environment that produces them.  

We strongly support farming systems compatible with the environment, rearing methods respectful for the welfare conditions of the animals and, naturally, good food processing practices to safeguard the health of consumers.

We deliver our products, daily to locations within the provinces of Bari, Taranto and Brindisi, as well as shipping throughout Italy and abroad (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France and England).

Masserie Amiche S.r.l.
Sede Operativa : Str. Com. Salita dell'Uomo, 1 - 70017 Putignano (Ba)
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