Conversano, city of arts

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… enchanting stones that tell its history!

Conversano, town of art and history, encompasses human genius in its beauty. Once called Norba, it was alredy inhabited in Paleolithic times. It is, with its archaeological heritage, one of the greatest and most ancient town of the Peuceti (ancient native people). The ancient megalithic walls, some of which can still be seen, represent the origins and strength of a lively and dynamic town, that in the course of time was enriched with history and beautiful art and monuments.

Conversano, the dwelling place of the Earls, is a town full of noble palaces, churches, monasteries and works of art. In the main floor of the castle, the halls house the Painting Gallery.

Churches and monasteries embellish the town centre. The sobriety and richness of history are noted in the faç’e7ades, in the belfries, in the inteiors and altars: from the austere simplicity of the romanesque Basilica to the gilded pomp of seventeenth-century churches, amidst the history of bishops and abbesses in the centuries-long wars, divided in spirit and time.

In the “little lakes” (natural dolines) man once built wells in calcareous stone for the purposes of water preservation. In these one can see the unity of art with nature. These lakes where once a precious feature of the countryside of Conversano. Also in the countryside, there are small ancient rural churches that were used by nobles and peasants. These are dispersed amidst olive and cherry trees and remains that time has not yet erased.

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