Salus Per Aquam, our wellness path

 Corte Altavilla wellness hotel restaurant

Make a flashback to the Imperial Age of the past: the most fascinating path that Ancient Rome left our contemporary civilazation as heritage.

Let's start... we are at the “vestibolo”, the entranceway of the Thermarium spa, where you are welcome to discover an emotional journey.
We will take you to the “apodyterium”, the dressing room, in order to prepare your body and soul to the Classic Age excursion.

Wandering through the “tepidarium” the nice sensation of hot temperature will prepare you to the “calidarium” and “laconicum”.
Here you will have a steam bath, a catarctic process followed by the “frigidarium”, cold showers with nourishing sensations of chromotherapy...
Then at the “calidarium”, on the top of a marble block you will have a gently natural skin scrub.
After another coloured cold shower you will be ready for the bathtub of the “tepidarium”, amongst travertine walls, to experience the hot temperature and healthy effect of the water massage.
From the bath tub you will see stairs to the stone ceiling.. yes.. you can go to the “ambulationes”, the relaxing place par excellence, among a book or a magazine and an infusion you wil enjoy the fruitful rest of the idleness.

Why not?.. Have yourself another relaxing moment .. you can accept an invitation to the “destrictorio” where experienced hands will massage your body and soul and where your trip will end.

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