Wellness Spa

In this ancient dwelling, Sibilla D'Altavilla met his husband,
the Duke of Normandy, who was bewitched by the young woman's beauty.
That's the secret shown by the perfumed rooms of the HAMMAM, here in the impalpable thick air of a healthy steam, cheerful secrets flow on the rhythm of fresh water burbles,
to discover the pleasure of dedicating yourself some time.

Sibilla, the SPA thermarium

SIBILLA Thermarium SPA, the wellness center

SIBILLA Thermarium SPA is the new wellness center built in the old basements of the court, and it is located in the...

Thermarium SPA: the itinerary

Make a flashback to the Imperial Age of the past: the most fascinating path that Ancient Rom e left our contemporary...

Wellness Spa Offers

Easter in Puglia! Special offer

Pacchetto valido per le notti comprese  tra il 01 e il 6 Aprile 2021 2 pernottamenti  in camera...

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